A Global Talent Pool of Ambitious Women

Girls in Tech members work in a variety of roles within the tech industry including engineering, data services, product development, design, business, and marketing. The recruitment platform allows you to post job listings, create a comprehensive company profile, view candidate data, analytics, and track metrics as well as, directly engage with a diverse group of talent from around the world.

Our goal is to make it easier for organizations committed to diversity to recruit faster and to help ambitious female-identifying find career opportunities they can be passionate about longterm.

Why Partner?

    Recruit top-notch talent
    Recruit top-notch talent and meet your diversity goals
    Brand Exposure
    Demonstrate products, diversity, initiatives, services and technology through recruiting campaigns
    Company Positioning
    Position your company as one that is dedicated to diversity and really "steps up" when it comes to equality initiatives for all genders.
  • 38% Software Developers and Engineers
    (Software Development, Project Management, Network Operations, Data Services, Information Technology, Computer Services, Telecommunications, Web Services, Video Game Development, and more)
  • 37% Non-Technical
    (Sales, Marketing, HR, Business Development, Legal, and more)
  • 25% Designers & Product Developers
    (Product Management, Product Marketing, UX/UI/UE Design, and more)


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